The INTHEHOUSE brother and sister duo - Pierre Vee and Marlie 'Ice' van Oudtshoorn aka 'Vee & Ice' is celebrating their 10 th year in full-time ministry this year (2010). Although performances are being marketed as 'Youth bashes', it is in fact a show that the whole family would enjoy. INTHEHOUSE travels with own sound and lighting rig and is perfect for an evening service at any church. They are currently working on their 3 rd album that is estimated to launch in March.

INTHEHOUSE Gospel Music Group:

•  Members:   2 on stage, 2 crew
•  Genre:        Gospel/Pop/Dance compared to Justin Timberlake or Janet Jackson.
•  Label:          Brettian Productions
•  Location:     Pretoria, Gauteng

INTHEHOUSE Discography:

•  CD: "A Jazz night out with Pierre Vee" 2001
•  CD: "Image is Nothing" 2001
•  CD: "Servants" 2006
•  CD/DVD: "The Servant's show live" 2009
•  DVD: "Simply Rhythm - Instructional Dance DVD" 2009


"What would you say if somebody asked you why you BELIEVE in God? It's easy to say a lot about God. It's also easy to use other people's stories of miracles God did for them in their hour of need, because we hear a lot of stories. There's a whole Bible full of who God is and what He did. But what does He mean to YOU? When last did you hear Him say something to you and just for you? Do you have that kind of relationship with Him or do you know Him because of what you've heard?" asks Pierre Vee from INTHEHOUSE. Their message is straight up Gospel - the message of the Cross. But it takes nothing away of how much fun their live shows are - the kids go crazy for them! INTHEHOUSE loves visiting small churches and schools also. Small halls where they set up their gear and rocks the whole of the crowd with their pop sounds. Afterwards, you'd imagine you saw something from MTV with the great sound, spectacular lighting effects and electric dancing!

Call them at 082 731 2925 to make a booking today!

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